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And the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor goes to...

And the Nominees are...

And now, what you've all been waiting for...

12 Years a Slave

And the Oscar for Best Picture goes to...

Honorable Mentions
Hugh Jackman, Prisoners
Steve Coogan, Philomena
Tom Hanks, Captain Phillips
Miles Teller, The Spectacular Now


This was a TIGHT two-man race between Matthew & Joaquin.  This was at once McConaughey's most dynamic and grounded performance to date, by far; but Phoenix brought a delicate vulnerability that I've never seen from him before, which is hard to do via a delightfully quirky characterization such as his in Her.  But because I like to spread wealth, and Joaquin won my Dickie last year for The Master, Matthew won by a hair!  CONGRATS MATT!

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