And the Oscar for Best Director goes to...

Bong Joon-ho, Parasite 

Man, I wasn't shocked that Parasite  won Best Picture (though yes, I was surprised & delighted), but I definitely thought that this was a long shot & a half.  Joon-ho won hardly any precursor awards, whereas Mendes swept it all once the Golden Globes juiced his campaign. DGA -> Best Director is the most predictive tea leaf of a major category, and hasn't been wrong in almost a decade.  And 1917 is one of the most technologically impressive directing feats of all time - and technological achievements are what's been winning Best Director lately, often in a split with Best Picture.  So I figured that even if Parasite took picture, Mendes would still take this.

But the moment Bong won, I knew that Parasite would take it all.  And man was I thrilled by this.

(Though I am a bit sad for 1917 - too good of a film to go home with no major awards. #sadface)

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