My Response to the Nominations, 2/9/22

Oooook, these noms had some CURVEBALLS, eh?!?!


1)  Drive My Car, the 3-hour Japanese drama that slowly drives from enthrallingly meditative to a successful substitute for melatonin, did better than expected - landing not only Best International Feature, but also screenplay, director & picture.  Ok then.

2)  Nightmare Alley landed a Best Pic nod too?!?!  Man was that movie a slog...

3)  Those nominations required the snubbing of tick, tick...BOOM! and The Tragedy of Macbeth, which are among my faves of a generally strong year!!!  Booooooo.

4)  No Lady Gaga?!?!  Wowwww - guess voters really didn't take Gucci seriously, haha.

5)  Surprise supporting nominations for Jesse Plemons, J.K. Simmons, Judi Dench, and Jessie Buckley, all of whom (except Plemons) did lovely work, but simply in roles that were not large or dynamic enough to trigger Oscar-nom-worthy performances, in my humble opinion...

6)  Dench's nod is particularly surprising, given that she got in over her cast-mate Caitriona Balfe, whose role, and in turn performance, utterly incomparably more Oscar worthy.  Balfe's omission, along with that of Ruth Negga (so exquisite in Passing), were the acting snubs I was most upset about, by far.  The two of them, Will Smith, and Andrew Garfield turned in the best performances of the year, I'd say.

7)  NO DENIS VILLENEUVE for Best Director (for Dune)??!!!  Even though Dune landed a surprise screenplay nomination over West Side Story?!?!  This makes no sense.  (Though I didn't love either movie, so I don't particularly care.)


Aside from the aforementioned omissions of BOOM, Macbeth, Balfe & Negga, I'd say it was the four movies in my Top Ten that landed zero nominations:  C'mon C'monCyrano, Swan Song, and Passing.  Those are some seriously terrific films that deserved recognition SOMEWHERE, no question.

Yeah, if I compare MY Top Ten of the year with other years, this is truly one of my favorite years in cinemas on record.  But my faves overlap with the Oscar nominations less than usual, which is a bummer to me.


Gooooo Belfast, take down the Power of that front-runner Dog!!!

That's mainly it.  I think I agree with Actor & Supporting Actor front-runners Smith and Smit-McPhee, am rooting for Chastain in Actress (but am fine with any of them, because they're all good performances in mediocre to bad movies), and given who remains after the Balfe and Negga snubs, am rooting for Ellis over DeBose in Supporting Actress.


Who's gonna host this year?!?!  Here's a vote for the Only Murders trio of Martin, Short, and Gomez!