My Response to the Nominations, 1/23/19

What a morning.

So many surprises!!  Though I guess it would be surprising if there were no surprises... (it's kinda how it goes, eh?)


*Bradley Cooper for director - whoa!!! (Green Book's Peter Farrelly for director too)

               This surely doesn't bode well for either movie's best picture odds - but in the era of Argo & in a wacky year, you never know!

*Timothee Chalamet (Beautiful Boy) for best supporting actor (WHATTT????!!!!)

               This is the snub that I'm most sad about, as he is such a phenom and just CRUSHED it in this role

*Justin Hurwitz's First Man score (a Golden Globe winning score that had been considered the clear front-runner)

               Yeah, it was a pretty gorgeous score - too bad

*Won't You Be My Neighbor? for best documentary (also considered a front-runner for the win...)

               Shed a tear for Mr. Rogers - I adored this doc

*no Black Panther for visual effects????  (What?!!!  Almost every Marvel movie lands this one...)

               This is the first superhero movie to be nominated best picture, and it doesn't land in here?!!  Insanity.

*also not quite "shocking", but WGA nominee Black Panther was generally predicted to land an adapted screenplay nomination, & was not

               It got best picture - BP fans have plenty to celebrate :)

*not quite "shocking", but most thought If Beale Street Could Talk would slide into best picture, and it did not.

               It's no Moonlight - I'm ok with it... :)


*Pawel Pawlikowski, best director for Cold War - where did THAT come from?!

               I was bored out of my MIND by this movie, so I'm particularly confounded

*Marina de Tavira, best supporting actress for Roma - whoaaaaaa, cool!

               She got zero precursor attention, but that 5th slot was vulnerable, and she crushed it in the front-runner, so it makes  such sense!

*Willem Dafoe (At Eternity's Gate) for best actor - he got a Golden Globe nod, but that's really it (& nobody saw the movie)

               I saw it though, and was bored, but thought he was terrific - excited to see it here!  Much better than the predicted Ethan Hawke

*Sam Rockwell (Vice) for supporting actor - also had a Golden Globe nod, but was otherwise very unexpected

               I love me some Sam Rockwell, but come oooooon- sure he was great, but he had like 8 lines in that movie!!!! 

*The Ballad of Buster Scruggs for adapted screenplay - zero humans saw that coming

               And I for one hated it, so...  womp womp

*Not all that surprising, but I defiantly rejected its odds: Bohemian Rhapsody landed a best picture nod after all...

               Wow, that's... just crazy.

*Solo: A Star Wars Story landed that pesky visual effects slot over Black Panther.

               Really?...  That movie was stupid.  And looked stupid.


*Black Panther is the first superhero movie to ever be nominated for best picture.  I enjoyed it a lot but didn't love it, and am not a big superhero movie guy - so I'm not as over the moon about this fact as others are.  BUT, I do sure love the movie it tried to be (& almost was), and suuuuurely love the representation for minorities - I'm obviously happy about the cultural impact this movie has, the doors it opens for minorities in future films; and for that reason I'm glad to have its impact extend here.

*"Not only was it the first time in more than three decades that two foreign-language movies were nominated for best director, it was also the first time since the Academy eliminated the black-and-white cinematography category in 1967 that two black-and-white movies were nominated." - Variety  (Yeah, and those two best director nominations are for black & white foreign language films!  Crazy!)

*No foreign language film has ever won best picture, and Roma is decently positioned to be the first.

*Roma dominated with 10 nominations (& The Favourite tied this lead), but was left off of the best editing list.  This is very rare, and a bit confounding (and potentially troublesome regarding its odds to win)

*A Star is Born, widely considered the front-runner for so long (and now really struggling) was not only snubbed for best director, but also for editing!  No film has EVER won best picture without a nomination for either.  Wow...

***The best picture race is now super confounding.  Read my thorough thoughts on what makes it such a pretzel of a category on my best picture page!!***


*I'm rooting hard for the magical Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse for best animated feature!  Check it out if you haven't - it's just terrific!

*It's not surprising, but there were zero nominations for Paddington 2.  Just saying.  Heart: broken ;)

(Ok, I think that's it?)  :)


Wow, the Academy never ceases to throw curveballs.

Check out more detailed thoughts on each of the top 8 categories on their respecitve pages!

(Especially Best Picture - I wrote a lot of good stuff there.)

Happy movie-going!

TD :)

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