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My Response to the Nominations, 1/24/24

Yup, it's a bummer that director Greta Gerwig and star Margot Robbie were overlooked in a major and wonderful film about female empowerment, while its Ken got a nod - there's certainly irony there.  But I do hope that people recognize that that's largely to do with how competitive each category is.  For example, Best Actress is very competitive this year (lots of very deserving performances), far more so than Best Supporting Actor.  The five actresses who bested Robbie were all absolutely incredible.  And director is a tough category too - though I do think it's a shame, and wrong, that Gerwig was passed over for these other largely overstuffed male driven movies (Scorsese... you've had your time.)  It's a relief that the surprise nominee that surpassed her to break the predicted 5 was a woman (Justine Triet for Anatomy of a Fall), but I'd rather have seen Triet knock out Scorsese, and have - gasp - two women!  Alas.

Speaking of Barbie, the biggest surprise yesterday was the inclusion of America Ferrera for Best Supporting Actress.  I knew that 5th slot in that category was open for a shocker because there were about five actresses each with a reasonable shot at it and no one clear most likely choice, but still... I certainly wouldn't have chosen that performance - nothing too challenging about it if you ask me (though she did crush that monologue).  But hey - it tempers the bad look of the Greta & Margot snubs, for sure!

I've yet to see Nyad, but I'm excited for Annette Bening's surprise nomination (even if it cost Margot hers) - she's a national treasure, and ONE DAY WILL WIN! (though highly unlikely this year)

Go Sterling K. Brown for American Fiction in Supporting - nice surprise nom there, happy to see it.  That knocked out Willem Dafoe from the top predictions, which makes sense to me - more on that on my Supporting Actor page.

Picture, Director, and the Supporting acting categories are pretty sewn up already (Oppenheimer, Nolan, Downey, Randolph), but the lead acting and screenplay categories have some tight races, and I'm ready for a fun ride towards Oscar day!


Read more detail on each category's page!

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