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My Response to the Nominations, 1/28/23

Oooook, these noms had some CURVEBALLS, eh?!?!


1)  GOOOOOOOOO TRIANGLE OF SADNESS - MY FAVE MOVIE OF THE YEAR LANDING SURPRISE NODS FOR PICTURE & DIRECTOR!!!! (On top of its expected screenplay nod.)  I didn't expect it to be nominated Best Supporting Actress for Dolly DeLeon, but I'm still bummed about it :/

2)  Two words: Andrea Riseborough.  Read this and this.  It's wild!!!  I never would have imagined that such a last-minute grassroots campaign to land her in here - it's... WILDLY unheard of.  Though at the cost of some POC representation, so read my thoughts here on the Best Actress page.

3)  Brian Tyree Henry, in for Causeway!!!!  Go BTH!!! 


4)  NO PAUL DANO - YAYYYYYYY!!!!!  I honestly think he might be the worst accomplished actor of all time, so....  to me, this was a DELIGHT and RELIEF! 

5)  Top Gun in for SCREENPLAY?!?!  Hmmm.....

I have specific thoughts about each of the categories & their surprises on their respective pages - venture into a deep dive, people!

Sorry I don't have more to say - I've got 42 tests to start grading!!! :o

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