My Response to the Nominations, 3/20/21

I'm writing this 5 days after nomination day, because I'm super busy teaching right now (as a long-term sub for a teacher on leave, for the month of March.)

And I'm currently writing this while watching The Fugitive on a rooftop with friends, as I don't know when I'll next have the time to write anything.  So, I'm going to keep this short.

Here is what I have to say:

1.  LAKEITH STANFIELD nominated for BEST *SUPPORTING* ACTOR, despite being the LEAD of JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH?!?!   Yup...  definitely didn't see THAT coming!!  

Now, for those of you who are like "Um, Lakeith and Kaluuya both in best supporting - who's the lead of the movie then, Jesse Plemons?!", I ask you: does every movie have a lead?  Spotlight, Babel, and Magnolia are all examples of movies that don't have leads.  There are many.  I agree that it's ridiculous for Lakeith to be in supporting, but I disagree with that argument against it.  The correct argument is: his role is simply, unquestionably lead sized.  (Kaluuya, however, is in the correct category - though it's a large supporting role.)

I'm shocked that Lakeith landed in this category despite the Judas team campaigning him in supporting, and zero precursor nominations in supporting... Winslet went against campaign categorization the year of her Reader lead nomination (& win), but she was only put in supporting to avoid her lead status for Revolutionary Road - lead was perhaps appropriate for The Reader, so that would explain that.  But THIS?!

How it happens is that voters can following the campaigning categorization suggestions, but can vote for anyone anywhere.  But how did that many voters decide to do that?  Definitely a surprise.  I'm guessing the combination of Best Actor being chalk-full and Supporting having no great options for that last slot left voters feeling like "meh, I'll throw in Lakeith!"  It was a relatively light lead role, so... I can understand.)

2.  THOMAS VINTERBERG FOR BEST DIRECTOR?!?!  The Danish filmmaker directed Another Round with Mads Mikkelson, which is supposed to be terrific, but I'm absolutely shocked that enough people saw it to land it in over any of the other four movies nominated Best Picture.

3.  Definitely a surprise to see Ma Rainey and One Night in Miami both overlooked for Best Picture, leaving Judas as the only "Black movie" nominated for the big prize... We've come so far, yet also not...  (Though those movies didn't land as well as they should have, had they been a touch better, so...  Of course, same goes for The Father!  Why does that need to be here?  And don't get me started on Mank...)


5.  Um, who's gonna host the Oscars this year, if anyone?!  And will it be on Zoom (I assume so), or will they speed-vaccinate all the nominees and gather them at the theater, all spread out like?!?!  Man, we shall see!!!

6.  That's all - I'm tired and The Fugitive is gettin' into full gear! :)