How it would all look if I selected the nominees and winners each year!

Wouldn't you like to know what's coming down the pike on the Dickie Awards front?!

Well, no spoilers here until my video drops in late January / early February, but I'll remind you that my Top Ten of 2019 list is on my homepage, so... that's a good sign of who I'm likely to nominate for Best Director :) 

Aw hell, I'll just post that list here, for your ease:

1.  Parasite

2.  1917

3.  Honey Boy

4.  Jojo Rabbit

5.  The Two Popes

6.  Little Women

7.  They Shall Not Grow Old

8.  Rocketman

9.  Dolemite is My Name

10.  A Hidden Life

Dickie Awards Race 2018
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