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2021 Reviews

So... I swapped grading systems in September 2017!  I've always hated that there are star-grading-systems out of 5 stars, and some out of 4, such that I always need to specify!  And I've found that conversationally I use letter grades more often, as there are more grade options, allowing for greater specificity.  So I figured that with my new approach of posting video-reviews on Instagram, now's a good time to swap grading systems.  Heeeere we go: letter grades it is!

Also, if you think I'm too nice given that most of my reviews are rather positive, remember:  I'm not a critic who's paid to see all movies including the bad.  I only go to see movies that I think I will like, and I'm pretty good at gauging that :) 

AMERICAN BIRTHRIGHT (no review - my friend Becky made it!)  [Instagram review]


THE ALPINIST (B+)  [Instagram post]

ANNETTE (B?!?!)  [Instagram post]

BARB & STAR GO TO VISTA DEL MAR (A-)  [Instagram post]

BEING THE RICARDOS (B)  [Instagram post]

BELFAST (A-?)  [Instagram post]

BERGMAN ISLAND (C-)  [Instagram post]


CANDYMAN (B)  [Instagram post]

C'MON C'MON (A)  [Instagram post]

CODA (B+)  [Instagram post]

CYRANO (A-)  [Instagram post]

DON'T LOOK UP (B+)  [Instagram post]

DRIVE MY CAR (B)  [Instagram post]

DUNE (B)  [Instagram post]

ENCANTO (B+)  [Instagram post]

THE EYES OF TAMMY FAYE (B-)  [Instagram post]

FLEE (A-)  [Instagram post]

THE FRENCH DISPATCH (B)  [Instagram post]

THE GREEN KNIGHT (C+)  [Instagram post]

THE HAND OF GOD (A-)  [Instagram post]

A HERO (B)  [Instagram post]

HOUSE OF GUCCI (B)  [Instagram post]

THE HUMANS (A-)  [Instagram post]

IN THE HEIGHTS (B-)  [Instagram post]

JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH (A-)  [Instagram post]

KING RICHARD (A)  [Instagram post]

THE LAST DUEL (C+)  [Instagram post]

LAST NIGHT IN SOHO (B)  [Instagram post]

LICORICE PIZZA (A)  [Instagram post]

THE LOST DAUGHTER (C+)  [Instagram post]

LUCA (B+)  [Instagram post]

MALCOLM & MARIE (B-)  [Instagram post]

MASS (B+)  [Instagram post]

NIGHTMARE ALLEY (C+)  [Instagram post]

NINE DAYS (B-)  This film about souls being tested over nine days to see who's most worthy to enter a new body is a fascinating proposition with a mediocre execution.

NO TIME TO DIE (C+)  [Instagram post]

PARALLEL MOTHERS (C+)  [Instagram post]

PASSING (A-)  [Instagram post]

PIG (B+)  [Instagram post]

THE POWER OF THE DOG (B)  [Instagram post]

A QUIET PLACE: PART II (B-)  [Instagram post]

PARALLEL MOTHERS (C)  [Instagram post]

RED ROCKET (B-)  [Instagram post]

THE RESCUE (B+)  [Instagram post]

RESPECT (B-)  [Instagram post]

SHIVA BABY (B+)  Fun movie about a girl who runs into her sugar daddy at a shiva, and it turns out he has a wife and a baby.  The awkwardness around their interactions running adjacent to her parents' shiva mingling is juicy - fun times, nothing extraordinary.  Though I was super tired and falling asleep, missed some pieces... 

SPENCER (C+)  [Instagram post]

SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME (B)  [Instagram post]

STILLWATER (C+)  [Instagram post]

SUMMER OF SOUL (B+)  [Instagram post]

SWAN SONG (A-)  [Instagram post]

TICK, TICK...BOOM! (A)  [Instagram post]

TITANE (D)  [Instagram post]

THE HARDER THEY FALL (B+)  [Instagram post]

THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH (A-)  [Instagram post]


WEST SIDE STORY (B)  [Instagram post]

THE WHITE TIGER (B+)  [Instagram post]


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