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(don't have older reviews because I stupidly was not saving them until mid-way through 2010)


You may feel that I like almost every movie I see.  Well, that's moderately true.  But the reason isn't that I'm easy to please (although, maybe a liiiitle, cuz I do LOVE movies, what can I say?), but rather that while I see a lot of movies, I am actually rather discerning about what I see.  I follow rottentomatoes pretty religiously and simply rarely see movies that I'm unlikely to enjoy.  So I have a much higher good-review-rate than all of the critics because I don't have to see all the bad movies that the critics weed out for us all, myself very much included.  (Oh the virtues of being simply a fanatic rather than a critic ;)  

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& Pre-2010 movies I started to review during covid...

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