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And the Oscar for Best Actress goes to...

Stone copy.jpg

Emma Stone, Poor Things

This was the biggest high-profile upset of the night! But "upset" with an asterisk, because everyone knew it was a real coin-flip between Emma & Lily - we just almost all thought Lily would win by a hair.

I'm sad for Lily, and sad we didn't get to see the first Native American acting winner; but Emma did turn in a tour-de-force, so it's hard to be too mad about it. Though it is a head-scratcher to see that Emma has as many Best Actress trophies as Meryl Streep (though the Meryl has a third Oscar for supporting) and more than Cate Blanchett (though she has a second, in supporting). Not sure she deserves that status - if only we could take back her La La Land prize and give it to perennial-also-ran Annette Bening (who wasn't even NOMINATED for her Oscar worthy turn in 20th Century Women that year - alas...)

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