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Winners Scoreboard

How I did, and how I racked up against the critics

I got 7/8 in the top 8 categories, 19/23 overall - kinda slayed it against the critics, tbh!

Here's how I scored against 29 "experts" from Gold Derby:



1 beat me, 19 tied me, & 9 did worse



2 beat me, 0 tied me, & 27 did worse






BEST ACTRESS: I thought Lily Gladstone would take it in the end, but it went to Emma Stone
BEST SOUND:  I went with Oppenheimer, but it went to The Zone of Interest

BEST ANIMATED FEATURE:  I predicted Spider-Verse, but it went to The Boy and the Heron

BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM:  I went with The ABCs of Book Banning, but The Last Repair Shop took it




As for my OSCAR POOL:

The winner is... 

TIM CAHILL, an old Dartmouth friend who ALSO has been running an annual Oscar Pool for ages, and I think this marks the first time that either of us has won each other's pool!
He slayed, only missing Sound and Doc Short, out-predicting all 29 Gold Derby experts!

He scored a 58/60 (in my system)! (with me next at 56)

Congrats, Tim!  She wins $75 from the 15 people that entered! (including myself, & his own $5 back haha)

'TIL NEXT YEAR!  Gonna try to do a better job of getting the word out next year, and make the pot BIGGER!

(Just been busyyyy....)

<3 TDixxx

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