Winners Scoreboard

How I did, and how I racked up against the critics

I got 6/8 in the top 8 categories, 17/23 overall - distinctly better than the expert average!


Here's how I scored against 33 "experts" from Gold Derby:



2 beat me, 5 tied me, and I beat 26



7 beat me, 7 tied me, & 19 did worse 






BEST ACTRESS:  I predicted Carey Mulligan in this roller-coaster of a category, and Frances McDormand won.  (Only 1 expert called this.)

BEST ACTOR:  I predicted Chadwick Boseman, and Anthony Hopkins took it.  (Only 1 expert called this.)

BEST FILM EDITING:  I went with Trial of the Chicago 7, and it went to Sound of Metal (Metal was slightly favored - d'oh!)

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY:  I went with the heavily favored Nomadland, and it went to Mank.

BEST SONG:  I went with "Speak Now" from One Night in Miami, which was in a close race with the EuroVision song; and it went to "Fight for You" from Judas and the Black Messiah (which no one called)

BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT:  I went with favorite A Love Song for Latasha, and Colette won.




As for my OSCAR POOL:

This was a tough one - no one picked Anthony Hopkins, and Best Actress and Adapted Screenplay had a lot of misses.  But a few of my contestants predicted Frances McDormand correctly - so, more than the 1 out of 33 Gold Derby experts!


But the WINNER is...

*Leo Margul*, a buddy from my last iO West sketch comedy team in LA.

He only missed Best Actor.

Congrats, Leo!  He wins $65 from the 13 people that entered!

'TIL NEXT YEAR!  Gonna try to do a better job of getting the word out next year, and make the pot BIGGER!

(Just been busyyyy....)

<3 TDixxx