Winners Scoreboard

How I did, and how I racked up against the critics

I got 6/8 in the top 8 categories, 19/24 overall - pretty average among the experts.


Here's how I scored against 36 "experts" from Gold Derby:



17 beat me, 19 tied me, and I didn't beat anyone :/



12 beat me, 8 tied me, & 16 did worse 

And I got all three shorts right!!  Despite not having seen any of them!  #SoProud :)






BEST PICTURE:  I predicted 1917 (as did most), and Parasite won.

BEST DIERCTOR:  I predicted Sam Mendes for 1917 (as did almost everyone), and Bong Joon-ho took it.

BEST SOUND EDITING:  I thought 1917 would take this, but Ford v Ferrari won.

BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN:  I went bold & picked 1917 to win (as did many), but front-runner Once Upon a Time took it after all.

BEST VISUAL EFFECTS:  I had a feeling that the highest grossing film of all time Avengers: Endgame would break the no-Marvel-wins curse in this category (as did many, and most deep into the season), but 1917 (predicted by slightly more than Endgame) took it after all.




As for my OSCAR POOL:

Many people did very very well, but all but two people got at least two wrong in the top 8 (as most people predicted 1917 to win picture & director).

Congrats to runner-up Walter Klyce, who got picture & director but went out on a no-Renee limb for Best Actress (oof I wish!)


But the WINNER is...

*Mitch Ermentrout*, a buddy from my ultimate frisbee days at Dartmouth!

He went 8 for 8, baby!!! (& 22/24 overall, when you look at the tie-breaker predictions for the below-the-line categories - besting every Gold Derby expert but 1, who tied him.)

Congrats, Mitch!  He wins $75 from the 15 people that entered!


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