Winners Scoreboard

How I did, and how I racked up against the critics

I got 5/8 in the top 8 categories, 17/24 overall - pretty average, but way above this year's par.


Here's how I scored against 36 "experts" from Gold Derby:



I beat 13, 15 tied me, and 8 beat me - pretty solid!



I beat 26, 4 tied me, and 6 beat me - woohoo!

And I got all three shorts right!!  #SoProud :)






BEST PICTURE:  I called Roma (as did most), and Green Book won

BEST ACTRESS:  I called Glenn Close (as did ALL 36 experts), and Olivia Colman took it

BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY:  I predicted The Favourite (as did most), and Green Book won

BEST FILM EDITING:  I thought Vice would triumph, but Bohemian took this, & won the most Oscars??

BEST SOUND EDITING:  I thought First Man would take this & split the sound categories; Bohemian took both

BEST SCORE:  I thought Beale Street would win (as did most), and Black Panther pulled an upset

BEST VISUAL EFFECTS:  I predicted Avengers: Infinity War (as did almost all), and First Man took this prize




As for my OSCAR POOL:

SIX people tied for second place with 40 points out of 43

(me, Austin Phares, Ian Rice, Kent Spellman, John Tracey, & Cristine Velazco)

But ONE lone prognosticator triumphed with 41!!!!

(claiming Green Book for best pic was her most clutch call!)

So the winner of the 2018 DickiePicks Oscar Pool iiiiiis....


** Liza Cohen! **

(My camp friend who won just 2 years ago, & whose husband Jeremy Cutler won last year!  I smell a dynasty...)


She wins... $110!!! (from 22 pool competitors)

This is fun - having $ back in the mix.  We like this, right? :)  #FunTimes


Another great pool year come & gone  - best of luck next year, everyone - HUZZAH! 

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