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Oscar Winners

And the Oscar for Best Picture goes to...

Wow.  How positively THRILLING!!!

Just like with the twists and turns of Parasite itself, of course its win came as a surprise.

It is such a watershed moment for such a unique, quirky genre piece to become the FIRST NON-ENGLISH-LANGUAGE FILM EVER to win Best Picture!!!  And this was just the movie in just the moment to do so - EVERYONE likes it, and almost everyone loves it - how joyous & communal to recognize this film together.

I'm kicking myself for not being bold enough to predict it.  I knew it had the groundswell passion boiling over for it, I just didn't think that 1917 was divisive enough to lose a preferential ballot after the momentum it built.  It's a movie scientifically constructed to garner deserved gold statues, all the way on down the list.

But that's just it - that's based on old-guard assumptions that are changing with the times & with the new wave of diverse members.  Gold Derby experts have been wrong on Best Picture now 5 years in a row - we can't rest on stale assumptions and tea leaves.  We have to listen to where the collective passion really is, and this year that was clearly with Parasite.

And I'm delighted to have watch this momentous occasion come to be.  Three cheers for South Korea!

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