tommy Dickie

the man behind the oscar frenzy

Hi there.


I love movies.


What else?  I'm an actor!  I live in LA now, spitting distance from Hollywood itself - how crazy is that?!


But anyway, yes: I moved here in August of 2012 to pursue the TV/film world... and of course, it ain't easy - but it feels good to hit the pavement on the trail towards my dreams!


Aaaand, I'm a math & physics tutor for the real $ :)


Pre-LA life story, you ask?

Grew up in MA, Theater major at Dartmouth, then acting & tutoring in NYC for 4 years, & finally Acting MFA at Brown/Trinity Rep.  My life story: complete.


My soul story?  Aside from movies & acting, I love games, camping, skiing, card games, croquet, frisbee, board games, tennis, road trips, playing with my nieces & nephews, and games.  And celebrities (my favorite game).


Hit me up if ya wanna movie chat!

And check out my actor website (with a reel on it :o) if you'd like.


Now go watch more movies.


Spirit fingers & jazz hands,

Tommy Dickie




Top 39 of All time

(not a multiple of 5 because I keep adding & subtracting movies)

1.  Heart and Souls

2.  Forrest Gump

3.  The Shawshank Redemption

4.  Pleasantville

5.  Kramer vs. Kramer

6.  Magnolia

7.  American Beauty

8.  Good Will Hunting

9.  The Truman Show

10.  Shakespeare in Love

11.  Adaptation

12.  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

13. Synecdoche, New York 

14.  Donnie Darko

15.  The Paper

16.  Lost in Translation

17.  Fargo

18.  Children of Men

19.  Dark City

20.  Heat

21.  L.A. Confidential

22.  The Usual Suspects

23.  A Simple Plan

24.  The Thin Red Line

25.  The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

26.  Titanic

27.  The Abyss

28.  Dancer in the Dark

29.  Dogville

30.  The Hours

31.  The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

32.  Big Fish

33.  A Time to Kill

34.  Ghost

35.  Dead Poets Society

36.  Life is Beautiful

37.  Brokeback Mountain

38.  Braveheart

39. The Fall