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2023 Reviews

So... I swapped grading systems in September 2017!  I've always hated that there are star-grading-systems out of 5 stars, and some out of 4, such that I always need to specify!  And I've found that conversationally I use letter grades more often, as there are more grade options, allowing for greater specificity.  So I figured that with my new approach of posting video-reviews on Instagram, now's a good time to swap grading systems.  Heeeere we go: letter grades it is!

Also, if you think I'm too nice given that most of my reviews are rather positive, remember:  I'm not a critic who's paid to see all movies including the bad.  I only go to see movies that I think I will like, and I'm pretty good at gauging that :) 



COCAINE BEAR (B)  [Instagram review]


THE YEAR BETWEEN (C)  A dramedy about a girl who stays home between high school and college and tries to "find herself", this film would be a lot better if the lead character, and lead actress, were not so grating.  Steve Buscemi and J. Smith Cameron brighten the product as her parents, but are mostly floundering in bad writing.

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