How My Oscar Pool Works

$5 pool - winner takes all!

Submissions due Sunday @ 8pm ET (just get 'em in by showtime!)





1) Venmo: @Tommy-Dickie

2) PayPal:

3) cash?

4) check??  haha

(ask me for my address if you want to  mail me 3 or 4)

*If you don't pay me by showtime, your ballot won't count!*


As you'll see, it's only for the top 8 categories, cuz well, I find those the most fun to think about!  (feel free to fight me on that :)


And also as you'll see, the pool requests that you rank all the nominees for each of those categories (from most likely to win to least likely).  Why?  Because let's say Joe Schmo wins Best Actor, by some surprise.  Well, if Predictor A ranked him 2nd most likely, and Predictor B ranks him 5th, I want A to get some credit for that!


So here's how the scoring works:


If the nominee you rank first wins, you get 5 points.  If the nominee you rank 2nd wins, you get 4 points, and on down to 1 point if your bottom rank takes the prize.  (though it's 8 points if you get Best Picture right, as there are 8 nominees there; and so on.)


So click on the link, go to town, and I'll score 'em all the day after the ceremony!!


And as you'll see, the rest of the 24 categories are on there too - and those are for the TIEBREAKER!


Enjoy, and may the best human win :)