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How it would all look if I selected the nominees and winners each year!

And the Dickie Award goes to...


Michelle Yeoh, Everything Everywhere All at Once

Honorable Mentions
Emma Thompson, Good Luck to You, Leo Grande
Olivia Colman, Empire of Light
Letetia Wright, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
Taylor Russell, Bones and All
Ana de Armas, Blonde
Andrea Riseborough, To Leslie
Lesly Manville, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris
Michelle Williams, The Fabelmans
Mia Goth, Pearl


What a slate of performances!!!!  I could happily give this award to any of them.  SO tempted to reward Deadwyler, who was utterly captivating - but her time will come.  And Blanchett turned in debatably a career-high performance here (which is saying a LOT).  But Blanchett already has two Dickies, AND I really can't imagine not giving this to Yeoh, whose role in Everything requires SUCH a highwire act of balancing so many facets at once - the various threads of the multiverse plot, the wacky action, the comedy, and the heart, which she delivers in spades.  As a result, she carries, and more impressively defines, this film, my second favorite of the year.  Go Yeoh!!!

Dickie Awards 2022
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