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My Response to the Winners & Telecast


That is the first movie to win three acting categories AND Best Picture!!! WOWWWW.

(Only Network and A Streetcar Named Desire have won three acting prizes before, and both lost the big one!)

I'm so proud of and amazed by this movie.  And while Triangle of Sadness remains my favorite of the year, Everything is a close second, and I so appreciate the creativity and heart that went into it.  I yearn for more movies like this - small movies driven by personal narratives that are close to the hearts of the filmmakers as well as driven by their untainted-by-commercialism off-center aesthetic eye.  And to have a film like that do so well is a real inspiration, and a beacon of hope for the future of what our awards-circuit movies will do for the artistic world moving forward.

I was delighted by all three Everything acting wins (though I'm bummed for Angela Bassett), and appalled to watch The Whale take Best Actor (ugggghhhhh).  Go Sarah Polley, go All Quiet, and go Jimmy Kimmel, who I think nailed it as the host!  He didn't derail the evening for too many long and obnoxious bits, but did add some spice where needed along the way.  Plus I found the humor and tone of his opening bit just perfect.

Good use of montages for the evening - not a lot of random ones that people roll their eyes at, but instead a STELLAR opening one that captured the year in movies quite well, along with more montage-y clips for each acting category (loved!).  Not to mention the standard montages for each Best Picture nominee.  By the end of the evening, you felt a solid sense of what each nominated movie and performance brought to the year's souffle.  And jazzed by the quality of [most of] them.  And that is what the Oscars should do!

As for my party - it was a delight having a bunch of friends over to my new home for my first DickiePicks Fest at my new abode!  (I think we counted 55 people?!)  The layout is different, making the dining room not a viewing spot and the living room quite crammed; but we made it work, and had a blast!  The themed foods were ON TARGET - so many everything bagels and hot dog fingers, and not pictured here: Women Taco-ing, lol.

ALSO: at one point I looked out of my front door and saw a man standing on the sidewalk with a tripod set up and camera pointing at my house.  I went out and talked to him - he used to live near Hollywood (now lives in Tucson), and has a hobby of photographing holidays.  He considers the Oscars a holiday in LA, so came for the weekend to photograph various red carpets.  I saw my public event on Facebook, and that it had a red carpet on the docket, so added it to his list of spots to drop by during the evening.  He was there for about 45 min, left his card, and said he would send me some pics!  Nothing yet, but below is my amateur photo from the same angle - my JoAnn Fabric red "carpet" looks nice enough on those stairs, I suppose :)

Whelp, that's that for the 2022 Oscars (YES I LABEL THEM BY THE YEAR OF THE MOVIES AND NOT OF THE CEREMONY - FIGHT ME ON IT! ;).  Feel free to click on each category's specific page for more on each category, and I wish you all a great next 10 months 'til I'm back at it again... ;)

In the meantime, if you haven't watched my Top 5 of the year (Triangle of Sadness, Everything Everywhere, RRR, Babylon, and Marcel the Shell with Shoes On), then check 'em out!!!

movie love,


Oscar Winners
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