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Oscar Predictions

I missed 1917 (yay), predicting The Farewell instead (well, I didn't like it, but I am bummed about that snubbing of diversity!)


Gold Derby is giving Hollywood the OVERWHELMING odds here.  But wait a minute: Tarantino has already won this category twice before, and he's expected to already head to the podium for best picture.  Hmm.

Tough call - because the writing IS perhaps what is most responsible for igniting the strong love for this film (love enough that it's the front-runner), so a win here WOULD make sense in many ways.

Buuuuut: isn't the writing most responsible for how geniusly constructed Parasite is?  And won't the academy want to acknowledge Bong Joon-ho personally for a piece of his writing/director work (beyond just international film, which he'd share with other producers)?

I'll probably end up caving and predicting Hollywood, but for now let me dream my dream :)

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