2021 Oscars Still Up
​2022 PreDix coming soon!

Welcome to my Oscar Prediction & general movie fanaticism website!!


As you'll see, in addition to predicting the Oscars (and quite accurately, if I may say so myself), I also give out my very own Dickie Awards each year, for who I think SHOULD be nominated & win!


Join me in my obsession with the wonder that is annual cinematic artistry... :)


In case you missed it...


    The 2021 Dickie Awards!!!

             *Please* click the settings circle to watch in HD (1080p)!

        5-min video!

    Possibly my very last one, and I really 

                       laid it all out on the table this year!
                                         Best one yet, for sure -


*****Aaaaand as a BONUS: *****

          a parody of THIS AMC promo gem.... HERE!

By the way, y'all: please go ahead & share any comments you have mullin' around your brains on any page!  Let's enjoy the sharing of ideas, enjoy each others' differences of opinion, and celebrate the beauty of subjectivity! :)

My Top List of 2022, so far...

1. Triangle of Sadness

2. Bros

3. Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

4. The Banshees of Inisherin

5. Argentina, 1985