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Welcome to my Oscar Prediction & general movie fanaticism website!!


As you'll see, in addition to predicting the Oscars (and quite accurately, if I may say so myself), I also give out my very own Dickie Awards each year, for who I think SHOULD be nominated & win!


Join me in my obsession with the wonder that is annual cinematic artistry... :)


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And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...


    The 2019 Dickie Awards!!!

             *Please* click the settings circle to watch in HD (1080p)!

        5-min video!

                      Super proud of this one!


          & look at my 5-min KTLA interview for it!

                 (& this year's write-up in The Advocate!)

By the way, y'all: please go ahead & share any comments you have mullin' around your brains on any page!  Let's enjoy the sharing of ideas, enjoy each others' differences of opinion, and celebrate the beauty of subjectivity! :)

My Top 10 of 2019

1.  Parasite

2.  1917

3.  Honey Boy

4.  Jojo Rabbit

5.  The Two Popes

6.  Little Women

7.  They Shall Not Grow Old

8.  Rocketman

9.  Dolemite is My Name

10.  A Hidden Life


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