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Cameron Diaz Story



So I'm in a bar in NYC in September with my childhood friend Emma Fricke and her husband Steve Nelson and their college friend when in walks none other than Cameron Diaz!


ok so no big deal right?  Trying not to be star-struck, which I'm not really, just chillin' in this bar and whatever, Cameron Diaz is like right over there... ok.


but then WAIT A MINUTE!  She won a Dickie Award in 1999 for Being John Malkovich!!! :o  What if... No I couldn't, could I?  Could I somehow PRESENT HER with a DICKIE AWARD???  No, but I don't have anything to give her...what the hell would I give her???  Oh forget it... But it would be so cool though... Hmm, but I don't have like ANYTHING!!!!  Well, I suppose I could give her my headshot business card (with my picture on it for acting networking) seeing as that has a picture of *DICKIE* on it!?  But that would be SO WEIRD!  But also... SO COOL!!!


This is all in my brain in a matter of 5 seconds you see, as...she WALKS OUT OF THE BAR!!! :o


At which point I yelp at my friends, "WAIT, DID SHE JUST LEAVE???  I WANTED TO GIVE HER A DICKIE AWARD!!!!"


And of course, even though I don't think they have any idea what I'm talking about, my friends are like, "yeah go!  go grab her!!"


OMG (dad, that means "oh my god" in 21st century online talk), so I run out of the bar with my little tiny knapsacky half-backpack thing which has my wallet in it, and there she is, just across the side street waiting to cross the avenue, with her 3 butch-ish guy friends.


I'm thining, this could be bad, but I'm goin' in!!


"Excuse me, Cameron?"


(she turns full circle straight to me, completely glowing & open for conversation.)


"I wanted to give you something.  My name is Tommy Dickie..."  (I extend for handshake, she's down.)  "and I'm a huge Oscar predicter, like I have my own Oscar prediction website & stuff, but of course the Oscars are like always wrong so I also give out my own Dickie Awards to those who I think *should* win, but I've never actually met anyone who's won a Dickie Award before, so I wanted to tell you that I think it's bullsh*t that you didn't win for Being John Malkovich, let alone even be nominated, but you won the Dickie Award that year!!!  Congratulations!!"


"oh, you're so sweet" she says


"So I wanted to give you a Dickie Award, but I don't actually know what a Dickie Award physically is cuz I've never given one before, so I was thinking... this is stupid... but all I really have is my headshot business card.." (I remove said card from my wallet & start to hand it to her)  "and I feel really weird & lame giving you my contact information but it's just that there's a picture of Dickie (me) on it, and if I had more time I'd decorate it and write your name on the back & stuff, but I don't obviously, so... yeah there ya go?"


(she's smiling & giggling & getting a kick out of this this whole time so it's no surprise when she proceeds to make a mock Dickie Award acceptance speech!!!  Which after a few moments her friends & I join in on improving :o)


she was like, "I'd like to thank everyone who made this possible, and to everyone who worked so hard to be nominated for the Dickies" etc etc.  it was hilarious & totally fun.


and then her friends are chiming in like, "why don't I get a Dickie Award, what you didn't see me in The Departed?", etc. etc. (I guess this one guy had a small part?  or he was making it up?  unclear).  so i was like, "um, I'll keep an eye out for ya!!"


but then cameron's like, "oh there's plenty of Dickie to go around, we can share", and then she's passing around the precious Dickie Award (slash flimsy business card)!!!


and then... here's the finale, she gives me a hug & a kiss on the cheek!!!!!


our wonderful little side-of-the-road *moment* is seamlessly & delightfully concluded and I go back to the bar, where my friends have been watching & relishing this encounter from right out front, and proceed to dance up a storm in a totally irish pub non-dancing bar.


And THAT'S my Cameron Diaz Dickie Award story, you've heard it from me folks.


may I just say, she is a lovely, sweet & warm gal!!! =)

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