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Joan Allen Story

In early 2009, I went to see Joan Allen and Jeremy Irons star in the Broadway show Impressionism.  And I am sorry to report that it was one of the flattest & most tedious plays I've ever seen.  Jeremy Irons was wonderful and made it almost bearable.  But Joan Allen was just *blah*, and had clearly had facial work done, which bummed me out.  It was very sad to see.  I hope she's ok in her life...


But none of this changes the fact that she was AMAZING in 1998's Pleasantville (my 4th favorite movie), and ran away with the Supporting Actress Dickie Award that year with flying colors (or flying black & white rather? yuck yuck yuck).


So... when an opportunity arose a couple of months later to inform her of her win, I took it.


I was talking down 45th street (I think?  one of those...) to meet a friend & get rush tickets to a Wednesday matinee of God of Carnage when I see Joan Allen next to the Impressionism stage door, stopped by a nagging fan as she is trying to enter the theater and get on on with her matinee prep.  I pass by, thinking to myself, "silly fans, always bothering the stars...", feeling bad for Joan Allen and that nuisance.  And then it hits me in a sudden nanosecond flash, "wait, she needs to know how good she was in Pleasantville!  I know she's already being nagged, but screw it - I'll make it quick and it will make her day!  And make her feel better about her life & talent in this time when she's terrible in a show and could probably use a pick-me-up!"


So I turn on a dime and literally run back up the street to stop her before she goes inside, praying that I don't look like a lunatic &/or freak her out.  I catch her as she is literally halfway in the door and blurt out "Joan!"  She turns, coffee cup in hand, with a subtle irritation behind her eyes but nonetheless a friendly-enough "yes?"


And I rant in 10 seconds flat - ish:  "I just wanted to tell you that I run an Oscar prediction website, but also give out my own fake awards for who I think SHOULD be nominated and win, and I wanted you to know that I think it's INSANE that you weren't nominated for Pleasantville - you absolutely won my award that year, because that was one of the best performances I have ever seen."


She lights up on the inside and gives me a profound "thank you" and starts to step in the door.  Then she stops before she's fully in, turns her head again and says with a deep smile, "you just made my day".


And that comment, folks, made MY day.  It felt just wonderful to make someone feel that appreciated.


I hope to give out more!!!

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