And the Oscar for Best Actress goes to...

Olivia Colman, The Favourite


What an upset.

This has already gone down in history.

EVERYONE predicted Glenn Close.  Literally: this was one of only two categories in which every single one of the 36 experts on Gold Derby predicted the same thing.  The other was Spider-Verse for animated feature, which was correct.  Most figured BAFTA winner Olivia Colman (especially given The Favourite's 10 nominations compared with The Wife's one) was the most likely to pull an upset; but literally zero experts thought it would happen.

In hindsight, it's not that shocking: few loved The Wife, creating an obstacle regardless of how overdue the actor is.  And Olivia Colman simply CRUSHED it.  But: Close won the Globe, tied for Critics Choice, won SAG (by far the strongest predictor), and dazzled with lovely speeches along the way.  She was marching a clear path, predicted favorably enough that any vote for anyone else felt more & more like a vote against Glenn Close and her entire career.

But in the end, voters stayed true to what they felt was the right way to go about things: vote for what PERFORMANCE (not career) deserves it.  Which I respect.  I also bet that many expected that Glenn was gonna win regardless of what they voted for, so I bet that some voted for Colman (to stay true to the integrity of the process, thinking she deserved it) despite perhaps wanting to see Glenn win, and may regret doing so now.  But hey: if that's how someone wins, then clearly people very strongly feel that she's the most deserving, and how cool is that?

After all the buildup, I feel SO bad for Glenn - it would have been so much easier for her to lose for the record seventh time if she hadn't been so buttered up to expect a trophy.  But hey, that's the cost of getting to enjoy THE MOST ENDEARING SPEECH EVER!!!!

Seriously, if you missed Olivia Colman's utterly delightful, hilarious, dynamic, scattered, heartfelt, moving, dazzling speech, check it out!

Surprising moments like that are what make the Oscars exciting, as only there can we see the most off-the-cuff, vulnerable, & true windows into the human spirit.  How thrilling.  Heart you, Olivia.

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